Download Emoji Icon Sets

While emojis are standardized by the Unicode standard, there are many different versions of the Emoji icons themselves (some freely usable, some subject to copyright). We have listed some of the most common emoji sets here for your use. Please note, some download links will open on external websites!

emoji set description download
android / hangouts this emoji set is used in all newer Android distributions, and Google Hangouts download emoji sheet
twitter this emoji set is used on Twitter, and (may be) © Twitter Inc. For reference use only. download emoji sheet
apple / gemoji the gemiji emoji set is an icon sheet based on the Apple iOS emoji set. download emoji sheet
windows 8 this emoji sheet is used by Microsoft devices including Windows phone, Surface tablets, and Windows 8 / 8.1. download emoji sheet
EmojiSymbols (web font) EmojiSymbols is a free font that adds native support for all of the Unicode standard emojis. This font can be embedded via CSS if you want to add Emoji support to your website. get emojisymbols font

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