Like Android, iPhones and Twitter, Facebook supports emojis. You can use any of the standard emojis in our master emoji list on Facebook by copying and pasting the native emoji, as well as hundreds of special emojisets called "stickers" built into the Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook also supports a special set of Facebook icons specifically built for the Facebook Chat application. To use these special Facebook chat icons, you have to type a text version of the emoji into your chat box (for example, ":)" is converted into Facebook's smiling face emoji icon). Here is a list of all of the native Facebook emoji images ans shortcodes.

Emoji Name Code
shark Shark (^^^)
penguin Penguin <(")
robot Robot :|]
smile Smile :)
frown Frown :(
tongue Tongue :P
grin Grin :D
gasp Gasp :O
wink Wink ;)
glasses Glasses B-)
sunglasses Sunglasses B|
grumpy Grumpy >:(
unsure Unsure :/
cry Cry :'(
devil Devil 3:)
angel Angel O:)
kiss Kiss :*
heart Heart <3
kiki KiKi ^_^
squint Squint -_-
confused Confused o.O
confused-rev Confused Reverse O.o
upset Upset >:O
pacman Pacman :v
colonthree Colon Three :3
putnam Christopher Putnam :putnam:
like Like (y)
poop Poop :poop:

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